Emotional, Physical, Social And Intellectual Development In Preschools

One of the most important factors which has played an integral role in turning the society from uncivilized to civilized, from inhuman to humane is education. Education shapes a man in the best of ways. It is necessary for every individual to get enough education that he or she must know the difference between right and wrong. Education is not only attained to get a certificate or a professional career but education is also achieved to learn manners, to know about our duties and other people’s rights, etc. This education is taught formally in educational institutes which vary from preschools to schools, and colleges to universities. There is no age limit to get education; be the student is of three year old or of sixty years of age. People often say that pre-schooling is not required but honestly speaking, it is essential. It helps in the development of various physical and emotional attributes. In this article, we will be discussing about emotional, physical, social and intellectual development in preschools.


As the name implies, preschool in Ashcroft can be defined as that time period where child is enrolled before he reaches the age of going to actual school. There is no specific age limit for pre-schooling but it mostly begins from the age of three to four.  It is a kind of a time period which allows the child to nourish and develop in the most beautiful way. There are no hard and fast courses taught in preschools rather some basic manners, rules and other such simple things are taught to the children. Pre-schooling is like a training period which trains the child for his upcoming years of actual schooling.

Emotional, physical, social and intellectual development in preschools:

Preschools nurtures the child in the best way possible; it helps in the development of child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual attributes. The child being able to understand his emotions, to recognize and express his feelings is counted as emotional development. Physical development takes place when a child begins to grow physically; either in height or in weight. Social development is the kind of a development in which the child is taught the ways to corporate and be friendly with other children. Finally as the name suggests, intellectual development is the kind of a development which enables the child to understand language, alphabets, numbers and other such basic formats of learning.


Preschool is the place which allows the child to nurture and develop in different ways. It prepares the student for his actual schooling years. This pre-schooling period lets your child to perceive things in a better way. It enables the child to build good relation with his fellow children and to be cooperative with others. Parents can easily focus on their daily routine after leaving their child in preschool for few hours of the day. “Mt Pritchard Kindy and child care centre” is the preschool which is well known for helping children in developing life skills.